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Imagine the devastation of losing your photos, music, videos, business documents, databases, time-sensitive projects and more. It can occur at anytime, and often without warning. At some point there’s a good change that every hard disk drive will fail someday. If you don’t back up your data consistently, everything you have ever created, installed or downloaded could be lost forever.

Trying to reconstruct your data may be difficult, costly or even impossible. At Simpletek, we are specialists in retrieving information from malfunctioning or damaged computer hard drives or storage media (flash drives, memory cards, etc.).

But even more importantly, Simpletek will work with you to make sure that the proper data backup measures are in place to ensure that even if disaster strikes, your data will be preserved.

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Jerry Forde has been our go to IT guy and troubleshooter for the past few years. Recently, we asked him to look at our website. Our site, which we thought looked good back in 1995, was totally outdated and boring. Jerry entirely updated our site ( and we now love it. He took our new rough ideas and turned them into a finished product at a very reasonable cost and quick turnaround. Highly recommend using Simpletek for all your computer needs!

Alex Alpert Gilbert & Becker December 3, 2014